K-9 Designs Pet Paradise Inc.
K-9 Designs Pet Paradise Inc.


We want all of our clients to feel comfortable and satisfied with each visit. That is why our groomers personally consult with you on exactly what you want or will suggest different options that may work best with your pet. We encourage our clients to be specific with your pets haircut, which gives us a better idea of what you want.

Services & Rates

Breeds Similar to:


Dachshund, Maltese & Yorkie                                                                                         $44 incl. 15 min brush out


Cairn Terrier, Lhasa, Schnauzer, Shih Tzu, Silky Terrier, Westie                                     $46 incl.15 min brush out


Cavalier, Corgi, Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Sheba Inu                                                       $48 incl. 20 min brush out


Bichon, Brittany, Cocker, Cock-a-Poo, Lab, Mini Poodle, American Eskimo, Scotty, Sheltie   $50 incl. 20 min brush out


Airedale, Lab 100lb & up, Setter, Wheaton                                                                   $52 incl. 30 min brush out


Aus. Shepherd, Golden, Portuguese Water Dog                                                           $54 incl. 30 min brush out


Golden 100lb and up                                                                                                     $56 incl. 45 min brush out


Akita, Goldendoodle, Husky, Keeshond, Labradoodle, Shepherd                                 $62 incl. 45 min brush out


Chow, Malamute, Standard Poodle                                                                                $67 incl. 1 hr brush out


Bouvier, Bernese M.D., Collie, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland, Old English S.D., Samoyed   $82 incl. 1 hour brush out


Bouvier – Dry Cut                                                                                                         $52(nails, hair cut/brush)




Bath & Nails


0-19 lbs                                    $22

20-59 lbs                                  $26

60-79 lbs                                  $30

80+ lbs                                     $34






Teeth Brushing                           $5

Ear Cleaning                              $5

Deskunking                                $12

Allerpet                                       $6

Dremel Nails                             $10

Nail Cut                                     $7.50 -$10.00

Trim Feet                                  $6

Brush-Out/Deshed                    $10 for 15 min

Special Shampoo's                   $4-$8

Client Stay Fee                         $5-$10