K-9 Designs Pet Paradise Inc.
K-9 Designs Pet Paradise Inc.

Private lessons in your home within a 5 mile radious (additional gas fee if further). Training ranges from simple obedience to basic manners. The number of lessons is based on your needs, there is no set amount.


Group lessons are held on the K-9 Designs property, outside on our field. We'll work on simple commands such as; Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, Come, and Finish. Shot records and a signed liability waver are required.


In house trianing can be done while your dog is boarding with us. We can work on whatever your dog needs improvement on. Dogs tend to learn better and faster from a stranger because they have no bad habits with that person while they've had plenty of time to train their owners.

Training Services

Private Lessons                                      $45 an hour

Group Classes                                        $150 for 7 weeks

In house training while boarding          $10 for 15 minutes